Social Media is everywhere!

So what is social media? and why do I need it?
People get confused onto why social media is so important for a business.  Think of social media as a quicker way of interacting with your customers.  Fast customer services experience.   Social media is a bunch of different web applications that lets you interact, create, share, exchange information between one or multiple people online.

The most popular social media out there for business is Facebook and Twitter.  For both social media platforms your users must have an account on those applications in order for them to interact with your business.  Facebook is like having another  website /online agent of customer service that gets found on google and able to generate leads.  You want leads right?

Our Social Media training involves helping clients on how to create the following:
Creating a Facebook Page for your business
Twitter Accounts, and how to tweet.
Create Linkedin Company Profile
Pinterest, Create an idea board
Youtube page, also involving tag
and more.