Want to master your photography skills?

Do you have a DSLR hanging around at home collecting dust?  Although you read the manual nothing still makes sense.  We offer photography training for you to master your dslr and learn how to use your camera with all the bell and whistles it comes with.  Learn to shoot manual mode, and stop letting your camera tell you what settings to shot it in.  You make the choice.   A photography is like a piece of art you paint.  You have a vision and you want it to come to life.

Learn to operate the cameras settings.
Knowing the difference between Aperture, Shutter and ISO and see how they work together and understand photography composition.
Learn the different between JPEG and RAW files and how to read the histogram to see the dark and white areas.  Learn about white balance, aperture priority, shutter priority, macro and many different styles and functions of photography.

If your looking to master your photography skills, contact us today and we can help!