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What is an Illustrator and why do you need one?

Illustrator is more of a specific type of graphic artist.  Not all business requires an illustrator.  If you looking to get a specific logo designed that require some kind of illustration work, then your graphic designer much be able to illustrate the logo for you.

So what is the difference between Illustrator and Graphic Designer?

Graphic Designers and Illustrators are closely related but they play different roles in the creative field.  An illustrator is know to generally to focus on one specific part of a project such as a symbol, logo..etc, while the graphic designer put the parts together to create the complete image.

Graphic Designers and Illustrators work side by side.  The graphic designer will need the small elements from the illustrator to make create the layout.  Graphic Designers job is to convey a message by communicating it visually.

If your looking to get a custom illustration designed please contact me for custom quotes.


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